25 December 2009

Christmas 2009

Only served at Christmas, we look forward to these homemade cinnamon rolls for weeks! After opening a couple of presents, we pause to feast on these hot gooey and totally low calorie treats.

Celia has not stopped playing her new guitar since she opened it. She now claims six notes and her new role as family balladeer. Nathan loves his Mario Kart. He and Mike have been playing it all morning. It is just easy enough for us in the older and less technologically advanced generation to pick up.

After taking Jazzy on his Christmas run in the vineyards and meeting a French couple with a beautiful Border Collie who liked to roll in the natural fertilizers readily available in the fields behind our house, we are ready to fill the house with the fragrances of Christmas supper. Roasted lamb, smashed potatoes, creamed spinach and good ole American apple pie. We will save the typical French buche de Noel for New Year's Eve dinner!

Well Jazzy is now sleeping on my foot and Celia is strumming her guitar and Mom is feeling so blessed with the Christmas season and her incredibly beautiful family! Joyeux Noel, mes amis!!

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