02 November 2009

Southbank Bike Tour

I have to say the highlight of this tour was riding our bikes across Tower Bridge! It was shorter but similar to if you rode your bike across the Golden Gate Bridge in traffic! The tour bus from Belgium that was behind us was none too happy with our choice, but we had a blast! The more conservative members of our group were frightened by the fact that I was snapping pictures as we rode, but as I was riding in the center of the group and I wasn't actually looking at the camera as I pushed the button...no Marys were harmed in the taking of these photos...although after that they banned photo taking during the actual riding. But at least I have cool photos of the experience!!

Liam - our South African guide on this tour was a real Shakespeare aficionado. I think my favorite narrative of his was at the Globe Theater. He really brought home how much Shakespeare influenced our language and what a cool guy he was. He also read a piece from a book that expressed his reasons for loving the City of London. Not your ordinary well rehearsed and monotonous tour guides of London! Suffice it to say, we truly enjoyed the bike tours! I can't wait to host visitors in Paris so we can do the bike tours there...Watch out Cousin Claire! I think you will be the first victim!!

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