06 September 2009

Brocante Market in Assas

We had a fun time combing through the brocante market in the small village of Assas today. It is a once a year market that attracts a lot of vendors with some really interesting items for sale. One man had antique copper hammers that were heated up to red hot in a fire and then you put them on a small lump of metal to solder it. He had maybe ten different sized hammers with all types of wooden handles. He also had six or seven long tongs made out of various materials from wood to ivory that were used to split the two layers of leather to make gloves. Here are pictures of some things we decided to bring home with us. The clock and matching lamps (now for pillar candles) were from the 1920s or earlier and made of a beautiful green marble with brown veining. That was our favorite find today. I found two plates that have the Vieux Metiers de France on them like a tea cup that I had previously found. The plates have a chestnut vendor (Marchand de Marrons) and a Marchande de Choux (Cabbage seller)

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