24 May 2008

Sur une Peniche

We made our seasonal voyage on the Elizabeth recently. She is a barge (peniche) that our friends Tom and Trish Reay live on from March to November. We started in Paray le Monial and ended in Genelard...21 kilometres or 13 miles by car! The barge's drive shaft sheared off the bolts and there we stayed for the rest of our trip! Luckily, there was a train trip of a whole 20 minutes back to Paray le Monial where we retrieved our car and brought it to the barge. Then we made day trips to wonderful food and antique/junk markets. We played Mexican Train dominoes with the Dutch couple on the barge parked next to our's, visited a beautiful barge owned by Tom and Trish's friends from Phoenix, Arizona and ate, drank and laughed a lot! So great to catch up with the Reay's again!!

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