28 February 2008

Catherine's Bridal Shower

We hosted a bridal shower for my colleague and friend Catherine recently. She is getting married the first week of April in the Reunion Islands where she is from.
The concept of a shower - whether a baby or bridal - is a totally foreign concept to Europeans...it is truly an American tradition. Normally there is only a type of Bachelor/Bachelorette party. The friends of the bride or groom take them out for a full day of frolicking and nonsense. Usually the whole group dresses up in wierd and silly outfits and the bride or groom is made to do some pranks. We have seen where the groom had to do a sort of scavenger hunt at retail stores begging for items...we saw one groom that had to get strange women to allow him to weigh them...another gave kisses for booze change...there is a lot of very public humiliation involved! It all looks quite tame and fun!
Since Catherine is very reserved and proper, we decided to spare her...or perhaps save such wildness for her close friends...and threw her an American type shower. We made it a surprise and she and her fiancee Patrick were VERY surprised. It was a really fun night and nice to be able to give them a celebration here in France before they are off to the Reunion Islands.
Congatulations and best wishes Catherine and Patrick!!

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