05 November 2007

Giggle Day

Today was just so full of giggles. At work, I was writing what was supposed to be an irritated letter to France Telecom. My colleague, Melanie, was helping me to express frustration in the correct tone of French...ultra polite yet fed up. I was trying to type quickly and I spelt success incorrectly in French. Melanie started to tell me how to spell it correctly when I used my best friend - the spell checker. I continued typing as she suddenly started laughing so hard she was crying. She pointed to the word that I had chosen from the spell checker...sucking in place of success. Basically I told FT that we had tried to reach them all of last week with no sucking. Guess that really wasn't what we were trying to convey. It took us all afternoon to stop giggling over that one.

Not two hours later, Nathan, Celia and I were on the tram on the way home. The tram was packed to the gills with university students after class. We were all scrunched standing up and holding onto this handhold that is in the middle of the tram. I looked down at Celia's hand and rubbed her fingernails and said, "You really need to touch up your manicure" She looked at me puzzled. Suddenly I realized it was the girl's hand who was standing next to her! Celia and I were in complete hysterics. The harder we tried to control our giggles, the more we cried. I looked up and there were people laughing simply because we were in hysterics. I never had the nerve to look at the girl whose hand I caressed. She must have thought we were absolutely loony.

1 comment:

  1. haha,
    what a great day. I guess that girl from the tram immediately went to get her nails manicured - haha, I've got a lovely picture (of that situation) in my mind
    I'm looking forward to your next giggle day (should turn into a worldwide holiday - my opinion)
    lot's of love