09 January 2007

Happy 40th Birthday, Mike!!

Today was one of those days that remind me how very lucky we are to live in the south of France! It was incredibly sunny with a sky so blue it hurt your eyes. The sun felt so warm, I had to remind myself that it is January not April. We dropped Nathan and Celia off at school and went over to the driving range at the golf course next to the school. After hacking through a couple of buckets of golf balls and putting for an hour or two, we went out to lunch to celebrate Mike's birthday (really the 11th). There is a fairly new restaurant just outside our village that is just so wonderful. We ranted and raved our way through a chickpea salad with spinach sprouts and sauteed foie gras and figs and volaille that had been slow cooked to melt in your mouth and seiche (mediterranean cuttlefish) slices a la plancha...grilled to golden perfection. This was accompanied by a chilled light local rose wine. To top it off, the chef had made a special dessert for Mike's birthday that was a piece of chocolate heaven. Mike has proclaimed it the BEST dessert ever!!

Mike worked off his lunch cleaning out all of the built up weeds and leaves in the front yard. After picking up the kids from school, Jazzy took me for an easy run in the vineyards...after that lunch, I could hardly breathe much less run! The hills were glowing with the setting sun and the rows of bare grape vines cast long shadows. It is always such a social affair to go out in the vineyards. It is a beautiful and peaceful setting, but we always meet up with others out there...grandparents pushing babies in strollers, dogs and their owners stretching their muscles, bike riders whizzing up and down the hills, runners, walkers, horseback riders...everyone in our village and the neighboring St Drezery love to wander through the old road in the vines.

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