12 December 2006

It's that time of year!

This is Celia's favorite time of year! While listening to all of our favorite Christmas music, we watched her decorate the tree. Obviously we need to finish shopping for new ornaments to fill in! Celia and I are going decoration shopping this weekend. Our collection of ornaments missed the boat from California and must wait until another shipment comes our way.

The villages have all put up there lights and decorations and the Christmas markets have begun. We went into Montpellier last Sunday to take a nice long stroll as is typical of a Sunday here. Montpellier has all of the beautiful lights and decorations up. Each street has a different theme and decoration. The plazas were full of people walking, sipping chocolat chaud, noshing on crepes and peeking into the shop windows. The large Christmas market starts in Montpellier this weekend with artists and regional goodies all on display in cute little chalets lining the Place Comedie. Although we will miss spending Christmas with our families this year, we are looking forward to experiencing a true French Christmas.

Celia and I are beginning the massive cookie baking festival that will start tomorrow and continue through the end of next week. We have many wonderful and thoughtful neighbors to thank this year for their warmth and generosity. Nothing says "thank you" like a Christmas cookie!!

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