22 May 2006

Interlaken Switzerland

We left the luxury of being completely spoiled by Hedi...including her doing all of our laundry and hanging it out to dry in her garden while we went sightseeing...to rough it in the land of BIG price tags.

Switzerland is so beautiful and clean. The Alps are incredible how they just push out of the earth and are so jagged. If any of you recall the Eiger Sanction...a movie directed and starring Mayor Clint for all of you Carmel wannabees...was made in this area.

I stayed in Interlaken in college and was disappointed to see that it had been overtaken by tourist buses unloading their huge groups even in off season. In college, it was a haven for broke students staying at the many hostels and serious hikers and climbers. I guess since we are neither at this point, we must have looked as out of place as the tour groups.

We stayed at a nice auberge near the hostel I stayed at in college. We had a great family suite and a friendly host to greet us.

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