06 February 2006

Weather Report

The weather here changes daily. One day it is so sunny and incredibly pleasant...one day it is grey and cold to the bones. It does seem that all of the measured rainfall for the month falls in one 24 hour period. I do appreciate it better than a long drawn out drizzily dismal greyness that could be the alternative.

The pictures here are truly within one week's time. We went from a light covering of snow one weekend to a brilliantly sunny Saturday the next. Celia tried her best to jump in the pool, but at a water temperature of around 40 degrees...even our little waterbug could not find the courage to take the plunge.

We are looking forward to the constant sunshine that is characteristic to this area. According to our friends, pools are in use from May through September. We did swim in the sea from June through September, so we are very excited at the slight warming that is happening...that and the incredible speed with which the days are lengthening. It now is light from around 7:30 am to almost 6:30 pm. By summer, the sun will stay up until after 10 pm.

1 comment:

  1. From your weather report, you really haven't left California. From dreary, wet and cold a week ago to truely brilliant Crosby sunshine this week. As the golfers tee up in t-shirts, the rest of us will work on our tans.

    Was it only a year ago that we first heard about your adventure? Glad you've gotten settled and are looking forward to the newness of Spring.