10 December 2005

Christmas Party at the School

Today was the Parents' Association's annual Christmas party for the families. There was food, games (including a potato sack race on the cobblestones of the courtyard...very French and very dangerous from an american perspective) and entertainment ( again gymnastics on the cobblestones...I sat and cringed!) It was all so fun. Even Nathan who announced that he was NOT looking forward to an afternoon of this stuff, had a great time! The performers were incredible...made even more so in my mind by the fact that they are a troop out of Paris that performs for children to raise money for the poor children in Columbia South America. So in the Christmas spirit of things!!

Being a dedicated parent, I spent the afternoon painting the very tiny cheeks of French children and singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"to them...they had never heard this song! By the end, I had all three of the American kids at the school (two are mine) singing this to them as well. I also spent the day practicing my French with the other mother that was helping with the face painting. It was all in all a very fun day.

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