04 September 2005

Celia's First days of School


This is my first time writing on the blog, so sorry if it is really boring (unlike my mom's blog writing).

My first days of school were really fun :) I'm very happy to report that I now have about 9 friends at school! I'll tell you a little bit about them:
1. Victoria. She is really nice and has lived in Canada, Yemen, Nigeria, London, and now France.
2. Amy. Her real name is Amelia. She was born in China and got adopted by some British people. She will do basically anything to help you. She is in my class.
3. Becky. She is Amy's sister, and has basically the same background. She is in CE1. They live in Sussargues (which is our town).
4. Anouk(said anook). She is from Holland and moved to Cupertino,CA for six years, so she knows tons of English. Her family are traditional Dutch people: blond hair, blue eyes.
5. Nicole. She is from the states. She plays soccer also!
6. Elodie. She is from the states also! she's really nice(like the other people I met). Both Nicole and Elodie do not speak much French.
7. Alexandra. She is from Slovakia and speaks English. She took English since she was three and still hasn't mastered it because of how different the languages are. She doesn't know how to speak much French.
8. Ginger. I know you're thinking that she is English. Her mom is British and her dad is French. she doesn't know too much English, but she know enough to get along.
9. Oceane. She is French. She knows quite a bit of english. she stayed back in CM2 with us and all her friends moved up to 6éme and she didn't. Her mom wanted her to stay back.

That's all my friends:( Oh well. If you are my friend and are thinking that my other friends are sooooo great. I'm not replacing you in my heart. You guys still hold a big part of my heart.

My teacher on the first day of school was Bruno. Uncle Bill, if you're reading this blog, I want to tell you that Bruno look a lot like you. Brown eyes, black hair, deep voice(although, you don't look like a deep voice, you sound like it). He also has the same name as you. Now, moving on.

The first thing we did at school the first day was rolecall. We had to say "Présent" when he called our name. Then he tried to remember them by saying them and pointing at the person he called to. then we just did inventory.

the second day was with Reay. He is my english teacher. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
we did inventory too. Then we put together our binders. he told me that I could have extra work if I wanted to.

C'est tout.

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  1. Celia, sounds like you've made LOTS of friends. That's great!